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Wild Woman Liberation Retreat:
"The 4 Elements Liberation Dance of Women“

We are inviting you to a dance journey based on ceremonies with the 4 elements, to embrace our sacred female path:


A weekend intensive experience of your “Wild  Spirit Woman”, a sacred space for you to explore your femininity and the relation to nature, the elements and  the ancient wisdom of the women circles. The sacred dance of the women celebrates the connection with the worlds seen and unseen.


In the ancient traditions the Wild Spirit Woman danced full of her inner fire and sensuality, connecting herself to the center of the earth and to the sky, to her animal power and her clairvoyance.

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"Dance until you fall into  divine ecstasy,
like your ancestors, shamans and priestesses of your past."

Mother of Peace Book

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The 4 Elements Liberation Dance practices:

*Fire Ceremony:        burning and letting go with awareness

*Water Ceremony:   our blood, our waters

*Earth Ceremony:     we are the earth

*Air Ceremony:           communicating with the spirit world

*Tantric Dance:           union within your-self.


In divine timing

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