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ONE IN a month.....soon dates

A LIBERATION DANCE IMMERSION  to return to THE  sacred wild WOMEN.

"Dance until you fall into  divine ecstasy,
like your ancestors, shamans and priestesses of your past."

Mother of Peace Book

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We are inviting you to our KALI TEMPLE an unique Liberation Dance Immersion to embrace your sacred female.

A day  dance journey  created with amazing experiences for your to explore your femininity,sensuality, devotional heart, and powerfull  female expresion. To call in, and embody your divinity, your goddes and  your  highest priestess spirit.


 A Ceremony were the sacred dance of the women celebrates the connection with the worlds seen and unseen.


"In the ancient traditions the Wild Spirit Woman danced full of her inner fire and sensuality, connecting herself to the center of the earth and to the sky, to her animal power and her clairvoyance."


This journey is inspire by the the powerful presence of KALI GODDESS  the loving wild, empowered  female  source of creation. The transforming force between  life & death, creation & destruction.



The Kali Immersion day  program:

*Kali Yoga Practice

*Meditation of the divine female.

Embodiment  Fire practice.

*Puja  Fire Ritual

*Kali Temple  Ritual.

*Bhakti Dance.

*Kirtan Singing Ceremony

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