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AwakeN your free spirit



It is our intention to offer you a powerful sacred dancing space, to reconnect with your inner truth, wisdom and heart. From there, you are guided to access your highest potential and your soul´s intuition. 

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Our vision is to support your self empowerment

and connection of who you are

towards an aware  human being.


Together we build  a conscious, strong

and loving community.


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Thank You! 


I feel like going completely crazy
no sign of self control and letting go all
it needs to happen
needs to happen to become free again
to become a human again
to become all I am, authentic in the moment
in the moment of the dance experience all parts of me in the present moment, not allowed to be in “real life",
“real life” seems ridiculous seems unfree , conditioned.
Dancing in liberation is the experience of real life, 
me going completely crazy feels like:
I'm a human and I'm alive.

— Sara —

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