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We are an  international  evolving community of friends,  each one with their very own unique qualities and ways to exist, to create and to walk the path of life.


We love to share many life experiences and ceremonies together, supporting each other's growth and learning process.


We are coming together for the Liberation Dance project to share our own  wisdom and approach to consciousness through music, dance, shamanism, rituals, prayers,

sacred sounds and ancestral knowledge.


Liberation Dance FOUNDER



ANTARA DAKINI is fully committed to the path of transformation, truth, growth and self knowledge. She has visited many sacred places of Mother Earth, from ashrams to  indigenous ancient dance ceremonies, where ancient knowledge has flown through her being, to reconnect her with her own wisdom, power and love. She has  been walking and honoring the Red Path and the White path for many lives and give thanks to both of her biggest “Spiritual Life Universities.”

I honor all Great Masters, Sacred Traditions and  Ancestors-Wisdom Keepers of Mother Earth. They are the ones who remind me to walk my path with love, integrity, acceptance, truth, awareness and compassion.” Antara

When she is doing her work, Antara enters a deep field of energy and becomes an open channel for the Wisdom and Spirit Presence.

Since her youth, Antara has partaken in many dance traditions, deeply carrying the devotion for the dance in her blood lineage. She has  been dancing all her life, Contemporary Dance, African Dance, Release Dance, 5 Rhythms Dance, Fire Dance, Trance Dance and Sacred Indigenous Dances like Yawanawa, Umbanda, Universal Peace Dance and Moon Dance.


And she is Antara Dakini: Liberation Dance Founder, Moon Dancer and Founder of Moon Dance Austria Circle,  Fire Dancer,  Yoga Teacher and Oneness Deeksha Trainer, Intuitive Healer, Sweatlodge Guide, Medicine Woman and Mother of a beautiful Star.

Our CO-Teachers

moana gnagster_edited.jpg

yoga &

Sara Moana is an actress, singer, certified yoga teacher and breathwork facilitator. Her unique style blends the worlds of the arts & the healing path.


Moana’s mission is bringing more joy into peoples lives and empowering them through various tools she gained in the last years. 

Her circles are all about: creating spaces where we get  blending the worlds of spirituality & the arts.


All of her classes, circles & sessions are deeply inspired by all the indigenous ceremonies & the ancient Indian wisdom she had the honor to participate in and learn from.


Her skills to bring joy to people and communities has the greatest gift to allowed others to be and embody


oona 2_edited.jpg


Our Wisdom Keeper of Consciousness Onna is a truly special master teacher, unique in her qualities to transfer consciousness. 


A woman with a long profound walk in life. A medicine woman deeply rooted in the wisdom of the earth, the plants and the sky.  


With her special qualities supported by her lineage of Australian roots and elders wisdom and her Italian family warming heart,  she is a legendary spirit to meet.  


She will be sharing stories from the enchanted cosmogenesis

of creation

A beautiful singer, and a visionary soul  that speaks and  brings truth to you in the most incredible mystic histories from the Book of Life, covered with great humor and sparkles of being fully alive.




Melissa Ari is an Integral Yoga Teacher, a Singer, a Sound Healing & Nuad Thai- Yoga Practitioner, a Moondancer,  Cacao Lover and a Social Scientist.

 Her passions are Singing, Sound, Breath, Movement, Touch, Health & Consciousness.

Yoga brought her a holistic perspective of body-awareness and spirituality. The connection with chanting in the form of mantras, medicine songs and japa-meditation were a wonderful and natural merging of these areas for her.


Her Yoga Style is inspired by Jivamukti Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha, Sivananda and Iyengar Yoga.

By walking the Yoga path and the Moon Dance path her presence  become a source of  clarity and confident for others to step in their own power.

Our Sound DJ's

from the darkness to the light:

a journey through the dance



Goranji is a sonic poet, large group facilitator, DJ and sound healer that makes your body rhyme to rhythm & turns your emotions into motion.

Goranji will hijack your heart& limbs into the aural jungles of arabesque, desertrance, desert dance, eclectro, gipsychordia, tropicore, vodoobadoo & yopopop.



Since the age of 14 Atina, our Austrian DJ, has been creating  magnificent Dj sets and  producing electronic Music; Yes, from the age of 14!! Djing.


Exploring the diversity of musical expression from psytrance, to drum and bass, to tribal bass music, to singing. Different sound healing & electronic music production approaches.


Definitely she is one of these Indigo Crystal new spirits on Earth with an amazing path of Life, together with her  Shamanic relation to life, Nature, and to ancestral knowledge. She was born and raised in the ancestral center of the Celtic People, Juvavum in Salzburg.  


She is a weaver, a creator, a connector and a bridge builder. Since  the Beginning of 2020 she began co-creating with groups of artists, healers and walkers of the ancestral ways, an ancestral wisdom & electronic music production retreat called “Sonic Dream Weavers”. In her Dj sets you will surely experience her beautiful Mastery and widely traveled taste.

Listen here to her sound journeys



DJing since more than 20 years, where he played through many Music Genres.

With the vision of connecting inner- and outer worlds through music and the intention of creating a danced ritual of oneness through movement and sweat he creates world journeys of sounds and grooves from around the Globe, to envision and feel the world without boarders, within this dance of existence (XisDance).


On this Liberation Dance Training Bramaji will explain the work of a DJ;

how to use the DJ equipment, 

how to create DJ Sets in a ritual setting,

how to organize your music in the DJ software, 

as well as sharing insights of his vast travel-, music- and ritual experiences.

Listen here to his sound journeys:

OUR space holder's


Michael Ananda Naia

Our Sound Healer Michael Ananda Naia is a German-Austrian sound healer who has come to earth to channel sacred sounds and high crystal frequencies from the Song Lines of Mother Earth and the Cosmos.


Creator of a powerful instrument called Kailani, that speaks in itself of his mastery in capturing sacred sounds of the higher divine fields and dimensions.


As a Musician and a sensitive soul, he has a very sharp  eye to read consciousness.


Through his songs  he has the capacities to lift up the heart of the circle;  with his sound journeys he creates enchanted moments of healing and high energy for the participants to find harmony within their own auric field.



Roberta Kawayo, our South African Co-Dance Teacher, brings much PLAYFULL DEPTH to the dancefloor.
Her open, gentle and firm presence brings her Medicine Carrier Woman onto the dancefloor, for your inner process to express itself with as much compassion and courage as possible.
Roberta´s lifelong journey and commitment to dance, art and soul expression has been the foundation of many layers of patient, open and grounded embodiment within the magical and mystical field of Music and Movement.

From African Desert Dance-floors to  international Movement Medicine Training’s,  she has gathered much processing experience from across the world.  She has created many  music playlists  as a contribution of gratitude to the  global dance movement. Roberta has a wonderful one year MoonDaughter.

"When I dance is when I pray. Dancing becomes praying. Every movement, every breath, every thought, every vibration becomes prayer. Becomes healing. Becomes empowerment. When I dance its as is if all time stands still and the moment is fulfilling itself.- with so much love, with so much peace, with so much potential, with so much power."



The keepers of grounds and creatorS of alliances  

for The Liberation Dance project


Antonia Feiks

A big part of our root team is led and held by our dear spiritual light warrior Antonia.


Antonia´s  sacred toolbox includes Soul Marketing Consulting and Branding, Reality Design Life Coaching, Human Design Readings, Spiritual Counselling/Guidance, Maya Calendar, Dragon Dreaming (Project Design), Constellation Work, Timeline Healing, Tensegrity - Toltec Wisdom, Integral Body Awareness Training, Shamanic Drum Journeys and Intuitive Healing.  


laureta 1.jpg

Laureta Curic

As you see her picture, you see her spirit, an easy flowing loving being, full of Yes to life, to dance, to creations and to support the grounding aspects of Liberation Dance.


Deeply in her soul is the path of  a dancer.

She is a beautiful Moon Dancer and she carries the rhythms of Mother Nature and her femininity with much simplicity and love.


She always gives grounding  steps and answers to all big and little details that are important for bringing Liberation Dance news to you.


She is the bridge in letters, answers and solutions between you and us. Why?

She is our great messenger.

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