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Through our studies and growth we understood that trance dance experiences are very ancient rituals, originating in different tribes  who were all tapping into the connection with our creator and spirit within. Amazed about our profound experience during the dances, we had a clear vision to bring this experience out to the world. This was the birth of the Liberation Dance project.

Liberation Dance is a project that has been unfolding, growing and developing over the last 15 years. Spontaneously, we came together in India with a group of friends to dance and meditate.

Through music and movement, we were accessing very high states of consciousness which revealed deep insights about how dance is a portal to access our Higher Self.


Our hearts had been opened and we found ourselves in peace, full of energy and in very expansive states of being.



LIBERATION DANCE is a dance ritual, and a conscious movement where deep cleansing and healing happens in our bodies, thoughts and soul.  Liberation Dance invites you to express whatever you are carrying inside and enables you to let go with the flow of the music.


The many journeys of Liberation Dance are accompanied and supported by amazing music and guides, who in very subtle ways create powerful fields for the inner awakening of feelings and experiences inside you.

Liberation Dance invites you to get free of old memories stuck in your bodies cells and to access high states of trance where the divine is manifested in your soul.


Over the years, Liberation Dance has developed into a dance project that honors the ancient shamanic dance rituals of our ancestors, as a strong base for new alternative versions of contemporary ecstatic dances. 

Liberation Dance works with intentions and prayers for raising our dance journeys into higher consciousness and meeting with the spirit world.

Liberation Dance keeps expanding and growing in tune with the collective timelines of consciousness and keeps developing itself with the evolution of humanity.

For decades, Founder of the Liberation Dance, Antara Dakini, has been journeying into her own depths, a path of self awareness, healing, wisdom and inner freedom.


For her one of the biggest inspirations for the Liberation Dance was to be part of the ancient circle of the Moon Dance ceremony in Mexico.

Moon Dance is a sacred ancient dance ritual, held by Wisdom Keepers of Mother Earth.


There the dancers learn about the power of intention, transformation, prayers, surrender, forgiveness, trust, respect.

They learn about the ancient ways to pray, dance and communicate with the spirit world.


The Moon Dance Ceremony has been the greatest guidance for the manifestation of Liberation Dance as a sacred dance practice in the contemporary new timelines.


“The purpose of the dance in the ancestors origins was to become the spirit of nature in itself”. 

Mother of Peace Book.

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