Liberation Dance journeys are created to explore and experience different aspects of consciousness through your being. Each Dance Journey has a unique way to dive deeply in to yourself, through different guidance, music, rituals and intentions.

LIBERATION DANCE ….a  dance  journey where we will discover different forms of energies while dancing, from the most soft and subtle energies in our bodies and expressions, until the most high states of joy and ecstasy’s, for later come back in to the pure stillness of our being. Together we dance all kind of rhythms allowing that everything that comes up is meant to be there for us to look in to it, so Awareness and Presence became essential part of our Liberation Dance Journey.

SAMSKARA SHUDDHI DANCE … Is a cathartic dance journey with the intent to let go deep and hidden, unconscious pain inside us, through the understanding that many times we hide plenty of negative and unexperienced emotions and all of them are in subtle ways guiding our life while resting in our subconscious mind. We create a  Sacred Save space for a  profound release experience, so we can grow and understand our human process  and condition of healing,self-knowledge and evolution in to Liberation.

DANCE WITH YOUR ANCESTORS … “Our ancestors  dance until they disappear in the dance, until they felt the Divine force unleashing their Soul” . Dance with your Ancestors is a profound shamanic journey, with the intent to discover our bond with our ancestors and our family linages.  A Sacred Dance to honour and  give gratitude for all the wisdom and knowledge that we had been receiving from life’s through them. Dance with your ancestors guides you deep in a journey in to your roots  in a very unique ceremonial context were prayers, offerings and a ritualistic space open a inter-dimensional door to meet your family source.

We want to explore the elements and your relation with them while dancing,…. Wish one is your element? How you relate with them? How to find the balance in the elements? What is the meaning of the element in your life as and expression of the nature? We invite the presence of The Sacred FIRE, WATER, AIR , EARTH and ETHER  to dance with us.

“Bhakti”  is and ancient tradition from many cultures in Asia especially India where human beings are worshipping the Divine. Spiritual traditions in India perform all kind  of beautiful Rituals to connect with GOD or Higher Self . We offer this dance to  connect with our own  Divinity, our Higher Self, a unconditional aspect of us free of attachment, identification and Ego. Bhakti Dance journey has the intention to move you in realms where “God” and “you” are ONE.