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Liberation Dance
Facilitator Training

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"The call of the warrior"
Autumn 2023  winter 2024

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A 7 Weekend Training throughout the cord wisdom of the 7 Directions knowledge  from the Red Path. A profound journey to re-discover your powerful warrior Self and your Dance facilitator skills


The intention of our Facilitator Training is to raise a strong aware community of Dance Warriors.

Warriors are the ones that have a deep sense of wanting to walk life with awareness, truth, love, integrity
and in service of the great transformation that is taking place in humani

“You have to dance through the dark in order to see the light.”

 Mother of Peace Book

This is a call for the ones that are passionate for dance, music and creative expression. For people searching for new inspiration and deeper wisdom  in their life's experiences.

This transformative training will be guided by international teachers, healers and Dj’s, guiding our dances and practices with the intention of self-mastery,  so that each participant can remember the wisdom and knowledge that is deeply rooted within themselves to embodied leadership, conscious presence and freedom.


The training will guide you through a personal and collective experience where many different intense  therapeutic and spiritual practices will awaken your inner light and memories of truth and knowledge.


This training is based on shamanism, rituals, dance, prayers, breath work, therapies, trance, creativity, voice-activation, sound, yoga meditation, ancient tradition, philosophy, partner exercises & much more.

Liberation Dance  weave together the very ancient two path and traditions of knowledge, the "Read Path" through many  powerful ceremonies and rituals that connect us with the spirit and wisdom  of  the Nature and the Earth evolution,  and the "White Path" coming from the east traditions like Yoga and  meditations   where inquiring and self awareness practices  help us to understand our true nature.

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What you will learn:
*how to hold space
*becoming confident in your voice and body
*how to free yourself from guilt and shame

*how to guide people into a journey
*how to be a channel and to be in service of your higher intentions
*how to create sacred spaces
*communication and inner journeys with the spirit world
*to know yourself in a deeper sense of awareness, acceptance of shadow and light that resides inside of you
*DJ skills and creation of sound journeys and playlists

*The Journeys:  are different dance creations to explore consciousness

Element Dance, Animal Power Dance, Bhakti Dance, Inner child Dance, Serpent Dance, Ancestors Dance, Medicine Dance, Trauma Release/Samskara Dance, Tantric Dance & Visionary Dance.

All of them will be held in a Ceremonial Ritual Field.

The practices that will support the development of your personal growth as a facilitator:

*Yoga movement + Yoga philosophy

*Shamanic wisdom rituals

*Cacao ceremonies

*Tantric practices

*Embodiment practices.

*Dj skills workshop

*Sacred Altars and Rituals Creations

*Storytelling’s, sharing of truth

*Sweat-lodge Ceremonies


*Sound Journeys

*Talking Circles



*Lots of laughters and joy 

What to expect from our “Call of the Warrior Training”:


A transformative experience that will leave you empowered, confident and liberated. An inner journey that will bring you to different spiritually awakened states, mental and spirit clarity, direction to your life purpose, full body empowerment and of course a deep sense of joy and inner freedom.

Dates & Time

Autumm 2023 to Winter 2024

Fridays 18:00 to Sundays 18:00

I Module: Sept 22nd 23rd 24th

II Module: October 20th 21st 22nd

III Module: November 10th 11th 12th

​IV Module: Dec 1st 2nd 3rd

V Module: Feb 2nd 3rd 4th

VI Module: Feb  16th 17th 18th

VII Module: March 1st 2nd 3rd

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    Your Investment consist in 2 parts, one is the Cost for the Facilitator Training and

the other is the cost for Food & Accommodation.

Have a look !!


Full Training  € 1850.-

Parcel payment in 3 times, applies 5% extra= €1942. Parcel in  3 payments of €647.-

Parcel payment in 7 times, applies a 7% extra= €1980. Parcel in 7 payments of €283.-

*Cancellation agreements: In case of cancellation until 15th August  2023, 50% will be refund.

*Special  economical conditions, please write us an email.

*Check impressions of our Training   in

Reserve your place by sending us an email to

Reference: Facilitator Training. 

*After you will receive the complete registration form and payment details.



All  organic food in beautiful  accommodations, full board.

You can do payments directly with Seminar Haus every weekend you come for the Module.

They are 3 categories of accommodation

                                                   Private Bad      /    Share Bad                 

Single room                           € 198                 /          €192                                / weekend cost full board 

Double room                        € 168                 /     €160    SOLD OUT       / weekend cost full board           

Dormitory (mattress)                                          €120     SOLD OUT      / weekend cost full board /

*Please inform us in your email what kind of  accommodation you will take.

  • Prices include accommodation and  all organic  meals .

  • Pay in cash  every Module at Retreat Wolfsberghof.

Our Teacher Training will take place in  Seminar Haus  Wolfsberghof,  Mostviertel, Niederösterreich

THE 7 WEEKENDS, DIRECTIONS, MODULES....base on the wisdom of the “Red Path”

I. THE EAST / Fire element

A weekend for our new beginnings, the origin, to call upon the light to awaken our path, a weekend of setting intentions and purpose for our lives directions, calling in the  presence of the rising Sun as a guidance and the principle element of the Fire for the transformation in our lives.

II. THE NORTH / Wind element

A weekend exploration with our ancestors, our family lineage, a profound inside  healing  work and acknowledgment of our origins and the wisdom that comes when we honor and heal our relationships with our lineage.


III. THE WEST/ Earth element

A weekend journey  through the shadow, the darkness, the letting go, surrender, death. An exploration into our inner lower self a deep look for acceptance of the shadow within our human condition.


IV. THE SOUTH / Water element

A weekend journey  to access your inner core and inner water and emotions. The direction south represents family, innocence and will power. We will  navigate this realm with your inner child dancer spirit. 



We look upon the sky to connect with something higher than us, a searching for a  real bond with the divine, the sacred, the unspoken mystery of life, a quest to find yourself in the arms of the ancient understanding of all cultures about God, Creator, Great Spirit, the Divine.



We look upon the earth, to dive deep in the realms of the great mother, finding our primordial connection to life through acknowledgment of her. A weekend full of sacred  rituals and dances to dive into  gratitude, grounding, and  defining our way of life.



The heart space, the place that united all the 4 directions, the unification with the sky and the earth, profound realization of our inner center were we find balance and expansion.


The name “Liberation Dance“  is really what we are doing here: Dancing for Liberation.

Shaking out everything that feels stuck inside me. This form of ecstatic shamanic dance training is taking me to the next level. I can be who I want to and can reinvent myself and the way I feel, the way I express myself, in each moment new.



I am in love with  the Liberation Dance training. Liberation Dance truly is for me a very powerful and life-changing medicine. It helped me to bring more clarity and alignment into my life while reclaiming my confidence and power and leaving behind me, what didn't help me anymore. I was able to heal wounds I wasn't even aware of and there was a deep-reaching Improvement of my relationships.



 Liberation Dance has been a great guidance to me to learn to take up my space, within both my body and outside of myself. It has been teaching me that through connecting with the intimacy of being with my body, I can carry the confidence and trust to let myself be guided with my heart's purpose. I see this course as a great tool to embody my manifestations and bring them in alignment with my actions.


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