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Liberation Dance
Facilitator Training

"The call of the warrior"

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A 7 weekend training to re-discover your powerful warrior Self and your Dance facilitator skills

The intention of our Facilitator Training is to raise a strong aware community of Dance Warriors.

Warriors are the ones that have a deep sense of wanting to walk life with awareness, love, integrity
and in service of the great transformation that is taking place in humanity.

Find your truth and integrity so that you can walk your path with freedom from within.

“You have to dance through the dark in order to see the light.”  Mother of Peace Book

This is a call for the ones that are passionate for dance and creative expression.

This transformative training will be guided by international teachers, healers and Dj’s. Leading our dances and practices with the intention of self-realization so that each participant can remember the wisdom and knowledge that is deeply rooted within themselves so they can embodied leadership presence.


The training will guide you through a personal and collective experience where many different intense spiritual practices will awaken your inner light and “warrior memories”.


This training is based on shamanism, rituals, dance, prayers, trance, creativity, voice-activation, sound, yoga meditation, ancient tradition, philosophy, partner exercises & much more.


What to expect from our “Call of the Warrior Training”:


A transformative experience that will leave you empowered, confident and liberated.An inner journey that will bring you to different spiritually awakened states, mental and spirit clarity, direction to your life purpose, full body empowerment and of course a deep sense of joy and inner freedom.

What you will learn:
*how to hold space
*becoming confident in your voice and body
*how to free yourself from guilt and shame

*how to guide people into a journey
*how to be a channel and to be in service of your higher intentions
*how to create sacred sacred space
*communication and inner journeys with the spirit world
*to know yourself in a deeper sense of awareness, acceptance of shadow and light that resides inside of you
*DJ skills and creation of sound journeys and playlists

This is a journey for the brave hearts those who are ready to look deeply within.

*The Journeys:

(are different dance creation to explore consciousness)

Element Dance, Animal Power Dance, Bhakti Dance, Inner child Dance, Ancestors Dance, Medicine Dance, Trauma Release/Samskara Dance, Death ritual dance, Tantrik Dance & Visionary Dance.
All of them will be held in a Ceremonial Ritual Field.


The practices that will support the development of your personal growth as a facilitator:

*Yoga movement + Yoga philosophy (chakras, koshas)

*Shamanic knowledges*

*Cacao ceremonies

*Tantric practices

*Dj skills workshop

*Sacred Altars and Rituals Creations

*Storytelling’s, sharing of truth

*Sweat-lodge Ceremonies


*Sound Journeys

*Talking Circles



*Lots of laughters and joy 


I Modul: Nov 4th 5th 6th
II Modul: Nov 25th 26th 27th
III Modul: Dec 16th 17th 18th

WINTER BREAK / we meet online via zoom

January 9th & 23rd, February 6th & 20th

IV Modul: March 24th 25th 26th
V Modul: April 14th 15th 16th
VI Modul: May 5th 6th 7th
VII Modul: May 26th 27th 28th

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