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       Liberation Dance

with Live Musicians 

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you are EARTH      : ground yourself /  grow / seed

you are  WATER    : clean / flow / cry

you are AIR              : be soft / fly / express

you are FIRE            : transform / enlighten / burn

you are ETHER       : invisible / presence / still 

Element Liberation Dance is a dance that celebrates and honors the union with nature and the elements, a dance in benefit of life, a dance to realise that as co-creators  we depend on each other.


A deep remembering that we belong to nature and her powers through the elements. In “Element Dance” we will experience the qualities and the forces of the elements and the unique nature of them.


It is a dance where the music will invoke the spirit of each element, calling our bodies and feelings to awaken and dive deep into the power of them while dancing. This special Liberation Dance will be supported by amazing live musicians to co-create an even deeper feeling of nature and the power of the elements.


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