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Serpent Dance Immersion Switzerland



Serpent Dance Immersion Switzerland

4th June 2023

“We call upon the serpent force,to shed anything that no longer serves you”

The serpent grows in size until no more skin becomes stretched, until no more growth is possible and the need to change skin has come, a new skin underneath grows already to remove the old… A parallel experience with us humans shading our old skin and becoming a new one is part of our life evolution.
Through all the ancient culture they have been exploring the consciousness and the medicinal power of the archetypal force of the snake known as: Kundalini energy in India, the Serpent of Light for the Andean Cultures, the Rainbow Serpent for Australian aborigines. 
This powerful source of consciousness can help us in many ways to remember the qualities of the human super potential and the power to shed our old skin, representing the ability we have to remove our old patterns, beliefs, behaviors and to recall the new life skin consciousness. Through ancient practices and dances we can feel, invoke and embody this powerful presence of energy within us. The snake energy represents life force within the human and within the earth.. The map of the power of the snake inside the earth represents also the map of the power of the snake within us. The spirit of RE-BIRTHING, RE-ALIGNMENT. The spirit of the snake is in each human being, but it’s mostly asleep. Through this weekend we can recall the power and awaken that sacred energy.

*A dance to shed your old skin and recall the new you.

*Experience more vital life force.
*A deeper sense of embodiment.
*Sensual & Sexual awakening.
*Sense of sharpness.
*Releasing of judgment, guilt & shame.
*Heightened awareness as a new perception of reality through awakening the snake energy.

*Yoga, Meditation, Circle of wisdom.
*Snake Yoga and ancient Snake practices activation
*Shamanic Trance meditation of the Snake Power.
*Snake Liberation Dance
*Snake archetype embodiment.

Open scale from CHF 130 to CHF 180
When: Sunday 4th 09:00 to 17:00 .
Where: Bern- Switzerland.

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