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Detox & Reconnect * Austria

6.4.23 - 9.4.23


 Detox & Reconnect   *                    Austria

A spring retreat for alignment and Self Love
with Antara & Azuni.
IBIZA 18th- 21st MAY

Shamanic Yoga, Liberation Dance, Sweat Lodge Ritual & Juice-diet Cleaning.

Come and join this empowering deep shamanic retreat Detox & Reconnect
A Spring Retreat to yourself as an act of Self Love
For deep Purification, Cleanse, re-connection & activation of your Mental emotional and physical bodies
For you to receive: clarity, peace, harmony, sense of self Love, a deep connection to who we are and sense of wholeness.
To Raise your Frequency & To re-align with your truth

Detox & Reconnect is a Shamanic Retreat,where we dive into our shadows that divert us from the truth of who we can be.

*Daily Shamanic Yoga, to become aware and reconnect
* 3 Sweatlodge Ceremonies to go deep within, to Detox & Reconnect
*Liberation Dance journey’s to raise into your expanded self.
*Juice fasting and a Diet that supports the Detox and strengthening of your body.
*Breath work for the purification and activation of your life force
*Self-mastery exercises for your empowerment
*Sound /Voice practices to Detox Reconnect & awaken

When we DETOX our mental, emotional and physical bodies, we create the space to open and RECONNECT to the essence of life.
“Clarity, peace, harmony, sharpness, increased life energy and deeper sense of self Love will be re-awaken”, so we will be able to enter 5-dimensional or higher states of consciousness. A state of consciousness where we experience Love, Peace, Harmony, where our inner duality is acknowledged and the sense of separation is not influencing us any longer.

No matter where you are at, this retreat supports each and everyone!

Antara Dakini: Liberation Dance Founder, Moon Dancer and Founder of Moon Dance Austria Circle, Fire Dancer, Yoga Teacher and Oneness Deeksha Trainer, Intuitive Healer, Sweatlodge Guide, Medicine Woman and Mother.
Azuni a space-holder, healer, spiritual guide in shamanic ceremonies, retreats and trainings. Within this I offer shamanic Yoga, Chi Kung, Medicine Dance and work with sound activations/ Light Language
and a mentor at the Divine University, a mystery school
I offer online one on one Mentorship and “Khaa Temple soul & Bodywork”.
I am here for the evolution of our Soul, for the awakening of human consciousness to become luminous beings, to raise the frequency and create together the new earth. I am here for those who wish to go on a journey of empowerment with personal guidance, in group settings, for you in moments when standing on cross-roads, to connect to your essence, for you to live your potential and live your Radiance.

Cost: € 677 all inclusive (retreat, accommodations, food and drinks)
When: April 6th/17:00 - 9th/ 20:00.
Where: Weinviertel 1 hour north of Vienna
*Exact address and program details after registration
*Sunday night sleepover is not included in the price in case you like to stay one more night it is possible to book this separately.

Payment programs are possible on request

All Our Love Azuni & Antara

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