Liberation Dance is a project that has been with me in the last ten years… has been a journey in to my own depths, a path of  self awareness, healing,  wisdom and freedom… In this life i have the blessings to be a self  confident being, means that when i hear  in peace and in silence my heart i know i have to follow this called, and not mind or fears can interfere, this is how Liberation Dance came to me… i start dancing with a group of friends in  high states and suddenly the big picture of this beautiful divine dancing project unfold…and since then i have been one with  it!!! This is a project and a process that keep expanding with the Universal Consciousness.

something  about me Antara
* Im a spirit totally committed to  the path of Transformation, Grow,  and Self  knowledge.
* I believe in the path of knowledge through our own experiences, learning from our own mistakes and  contemplation’s, a path were Awareness and Presence became the master in it self  so inner wisdom can manifest.
* I  been searching and visiting many sacred places of Mother Earth  were ancient knowledge has been transmitted to me, to re-connect  with my own wisdom. Places like Ashrams, Indigenous Ceremonies and Dance Ceremonies were  i learned that, “everything that comes up is for us to look in to it”.

* I honour all  Great Masters,  Sacred Traditions and Wisdom Keepers. They are the ones who remind me to walk my path with Love, Integrity, Acceptance, Truth, Awareness and Compassion.
* When i do my work i enter into a  deep field of energy. I become a healer when the  deep process need to be release.
*Im a free dancing spirit, i open my being to the rhythm of the music and my heart starts to vibrate in the source of love . While dancing i become empty, I’m the Presence, Awareness and  the pure Observer, so identification is melting down in the rhythm of the dance  allowing consciousness to express through myself, and breaking through any limitation of my human condition.

….and i’ve been taking part of many dance traditions since my youth, i been dancing Contemporaneous Dance, African Dance, Release Dance, 5 Rhythms Dance, Fire Dance, Trance Dance and Sacred Indigenous Dances like Yawanawa and Umbanda Tribal Dances, and the deepest wake up called  for the inspiration of Liberation Dance was the  “MOON DANCE” in Mexico.

… and I’m Antara Dakini: Liberation Dance Founder, Moon Dancer, Fire Dancer,  Certificated Yoga Teacher and Oneness Deeksha Trainer, Intuitive Healer, Sweetdlodge Guide, and Mother of a Shinning star.


My deepest  gratitude is to the Moon Dance Circle, MOON DANCE  is a Sacred Ancient Ritual held by a Magic Wisdom Keeper of Mother earth. It’s a Sacred Ceremony that I took part since many years, where around 700 woman’s  from all over the world and ages gathered to Dance under the light of Mother Moon for 4 nights. In this sacred circle I learned the most intimate and  sacred teachings about how the universe and I, we were one. In this sacred ritual iI learned to offer “antara” to a higher  collective purpose, in this sacred circle i learned to became almost nothing.. I learned about  wisdom keepers, I learned about transformation, I learned about collective female pain body, I learned about  the power of our Intention, I learned to pray, I learn to surrender, I learned to offer my ego, I learned to say sorry, to forgive myself and to forgive others… this sacred ceremony opened my heart to this endless source of love that Mother Earth is holding for all of us, I learned to stay , to stay with what ever is there, pain and joy as One, I learned to take care of my circle of sisters, I learned to trust in the divine order, I learned to respect the sacred traditions, I learned to be one of the tribe without any ego of recognition,  I learned to dance, dance, dance  in the rhythm of the Sacred Drum… and I keep learning and walking the Moon Dance path. This it’s been the great inspiration for me to manifest Liberation Dance as a Sacred Ritual Dance of Transformation, Consciousness and Divine Love.