…..2 days ecstatic free dance….
under the Full Moon energies

Different dance journeys to explore yourself “Chakra Dance”, “Dance with your ancestors” Samskara Shuddi Dance” “Paduka Dance”, “Elements Dance”…. all in a CEREMONIAL RITUAL SACRED SPACE!!

Dear friends i invite you to a very unique Ecstatic Dance weekend!

Liberation Dance invites you to move and express freely the bliss of existence that you are. Through tapping in the own inner rhythm of your soul one experiences the unlimited potential of the innermost being. With this vivid and powerful energy old patterns and thoughts are surrendered, released and burned in the presence of the divine.

This workshop is for all people who like to dance and have an interest to explore consciousness in a ecstatic dance form. This 2 days of dance are intended to guide you in a profound magic journey where healing and growth will take place while being present and aware of what is going on inside yourself while dancing.

Liberation Dance Workshop will lead you into a deep cleaning and healing in your body, mind and soul, inviting you to express whatever you are carrying inside and to let go with the flow of the music. The whole journey of the dance will be guided and supported through music that in very subtle ways will awake feelings and deep experiences inside you.

Our invitation is to move you in the space of freedom, spontaneity and natural dance, were you will discover your own divinity in a simple, playful, and sacred way.

Together we will experience new dimensions and realms where the healing is happening through the dance with a new state of vibration, awareness and light frequencies in our whole body.

THE INTENSIVE WORKSHOP is prepare to take you in a powerful inner journey.

“The Liberation Dance Journeys”

1. “LIBERATION DANCE” and energetic journey where we will discover differents forms of energies, from the most soft and subtle energies in our bodies until the most high states of joy and ecstasis, to later come back in to the pure stillness the place where you belong

2. “CHACKRA DHYANA DANCE” we will discover and experience the relation in between the Chakras and the Nature of the Elements in a flowing motion, we will meditate and dance the sounds, vibrations and feelings of each chakra, and experiencing the awakening of the Kundalini power through the exploration of each one of them.

3.“DANCE WITH YOUR ANCESTORS” Is a profound shamanic journey, with the intent to discover our bond with our ancestors, and to give gratitude and love to all the wisdom and knowledge that we had been receiving from life’s through them, and to realize the nature of the ancient knowledge that resides as a legacy in our hearts. We intent to take a journey in to our ancestral linage through the dance and explore and connect to our family source.

4. “SAMSKARA SHUDDHI DANCE” Is a cathartic dance journey with the intent to let go deep, hidden and stuck pain inside us, through the understanding that many times we hide plenty of negative and inexperience emotions and all of them are under the surface of our life, we generate this dance to let go of the unconscious pain, and to clean deeply our energies bodies and cellular information.

4. “PADUKA-DEEKSHA DANCE” Deeksha is a divine energy transmission that help you to be in contact with your own divinity and moves you in to high states of consciousness or awakening. In the dance we will invoke this sacred energy as a part of our dance journey to have and experience of this divine space that reside deeply in the heart of each human being. ( (

We want to explore the elements and your relation with the elements…. Wish one is your element? How you relate with them? How to find the balance in the elements? We invite the presence of The FIRE, WATER, AIR and the EARTH to dance with us…. all this journey with live musicians.

This weekend workshop will be fully suported by SPIRIT and GREAT MUSIC.

Liberation Dance will be guided by Antara Dakini, Founder of Liberation Dance, Fire Dancer, Yoga Teacher, Oneness Deeksha Trainer, Sweetdlodge mama.!!!

Where :
Schönborngasse/Ecke Klesheimgasse, 1080 Wien

Workshop Cost :
Inscriptions until 17th November……. 110 euros
After, until the 6th of December……… 150 euros
*Please inscriptions with Laureta.

What to bring:
*Confortable clothes, also to change in between dances.
*Sacred objects for the altar.
*Something to write.
*Two of your favorites songs in a stick, pen drive.
*Botle of water!
*Cloth or Scarf to cover your eyes.
*and and and your …..SPIRIT and DANCING FEETS!!!

See more details and information at Facebook Group “Liberation Dance” or write us to,
Contact number: Laureta +43 06805005533

“Dancing to awaken your free spirit”

“…from the origen of the existence, our ancestors has been gathering in dance rituals to connect with the whole cosmos and the universe ..Mother of Peace Goddes Tarot.

“ your way to freeedom…” Osho

“..when i dance i feel the prescence of the divine force and this is my addiction…” Gabrielle Roth