“Dancing to awaken your free spirit”

Liberation Dance is an energetic dance journey.  It is a powerful and conscious practice where you will discover the true nature of your Divine being. Through movement, breath, sacred smells, sounds, music, and the ceremonial intent, Liberation Dance  turns in and becomes a Sacred Dance Experience. It is a conscious healing practice where freedom of expression becomes the doorway to connect with your  free divine spirit.

Liberation Dance  invites you to move and express freely the bliss of existence that you already are. By tapping into the inner rhythm of your soul, you experience the unlimited potential of your innermost being. With this vivid and powerful energy, old patterns and thoughts are surrendered, released and burned in the presence of the divine. We invite you to let go of old memories stuck in your body, cells and mind, so that  your new being can emerge and evolve in this life experience, and access the higher states of consciousness. Our invitation will move you into a deep energetic journey to empower yourself.

Liberation Dance’s higher intent as a spiritual practice is to take you on a journey to remember who you are, to remind you that your nature is divine, and that your presence on the earth is needed for the transformation of collective humanity into Oneness, Love and Freedom. Liberation Dance will guide you to discover the tremendous power, light and love that resides in you when you dance your free spirit. Let’s dance!



Liberation Dance is for all people who like to dance and have an interest to explore consciousness in an ecstatic dance form, while being present and aware of what is going on inside yourself while dancing.
Liberation Dance leads you into a deep cleaning and healing of your body, mind and soul, inviting you to express whatever you are carrying inside and to let go of it with the flow of the music. The whole journey of the dance will be guided and supported through music that in very subtle ways will awake feelings and deep experiences inside of you. We will transform our physical bodies, and clear our emotional baggage so we can be present with each other, present with the planet, present in awareness.


“From the beginning of the history of man on earth they had been registers of Dance Rituals. Ancient tribes, traditions and original cultures saw the nature and the elements as and expression of god, they used to gather to dance the most different rhythms and movements in Sacred Rituals with the intention to access  profound states of consciousness were the presence of the Great Spirit or God was manifested, those were the first registers of the dance ceremonies.”  – Mother of Peace.

We honour Rituals and Ceremonies as divine treasures for the evolution of humanity. Rituals has been perform since ancient times in all different traditions and cultures all over the world with the intention to pray, honour and re-connect with the spirit dimensions. Sacred Rituals allow us to dive  deeper in our personal process of self knowledge and self awareness .